50 Plus Travel & Lifestyle Blogger

The Silver Legacy is a name I call myself as a tribute to my mother who transitioned in 2000. She had such beautiful, silky, silver hair. I realized that my silver hair is her gift to me – my legacy.  I am The Silver Legacy and I proudly embrace my natural silver tresses and everything else that comes with the privilege of aging.

It took me 50 years to return home to my birthplace, and I have vowed to seek out and embrace as many travel experiences as possible. Travel piques my curiosity about people, culture, food, languages – LIFE!  In am on this intentional journey to live my authentic life and to encourage others to do the same through this travel blog.

You can also join me on my travel adventures on Instagram: @thesilverlegacy!

Life Coach

After my divorce, it took me years to recreate a life that I now love!

I believe that when I celebrated the 50th anniversary of my birth in 2015, a sense of  boldness and freedom came over me. I realized I don’t need anyone’s permission to do anything I want to do in this life. The legacy of LIVING OUR BEST LIFE is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and our loved ones. I decided to become a Life Coach and Mentor to help other women reach their personal and professional goals sooner than later. My coaching sessions focus on creating a greater sense of balance in the eight areas of wellness. I look forward to connecting with YOU when you are ready to invest in yourself and create the life you want to live in whatever season of your journey!

Peace and Love 💖


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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